First International Maghreb Conference on Sustainable Development


La-Femme (First International Maghreb Conference) – The First International Maghreb Conference on Sustainable Development Held in Tunisia  from 12 to 16 March 2021, has tried to shed light on the most important steps forward made in sustainable development.

Given the changes the Arab region in general, and the Maghreb countries in particular are living through, the stress was put on considering sustainable development at a strategic level and especially at political, economic and social levels,. The conference focused then on the role of the public sector, the private sector and both local and international organizations in implementing sustainable development goals, and their implications for the United Nations Vision 2030. THE aims of the Conference were numerous such as spotting the various challenges and obstacles facing Arab countries in general, and the Maghreb countries in particular, drawing up a roadmap for the necessary measures to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development , achieving  a structural balance between the various public and private sectors operating  in the field of sustainable development, developing partnerships between various regions, international bodies and organizations concerned with sustainable development issues . The objectives include as well the working out of policies that allow the advancement of the region in various fields in order to deal with emergency crises, and of a plan of action to achieve sustainable development in the region following the Corona pandemic.

The  Conference deals with the ten main following concepts :

  | SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN THE MAGHREB (REALITY, CHALLENGES) , | SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND CRISES ( The reality of sustainable development in conflict and conflict areas (opportunities and threats), | Sustainable economic development (

  • Marketing policies (economic, tourism, electronic marketing) to achieve a sustainable Maghreb economy). | SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT (
  • Sustainable agricultural policies (organic, natural, and domestic).
  • Environmental protection to reduce pollution, war remnants, and conflicts (soil, water, food, and wildlife), | GOVERNANCE AND GOOD GOVERNANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (
  • Effective good governance (managing money and rationalizing public spending, financing local administrations and ways to develop them, digitizing the administrative sector). | SUSTAINABLE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT:
  • The impact of social integration in support of sustainable development.

  • The role of general local / national / international legislation in reducing poverty, vulnerable employment, unemployment, refugees and immigrants) | INVESTING IN HUMAN RESOURCES AND ITS ROLE IN SUPPORTING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (
  • Strategic education and training (digital transformation, quality education, infrastructure development)., | INTELLECTUAL SECURITY AND ITS ROLE IN ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT
  • The applied mechanisms to protect human resources from various forms of violence and extremism). | NATURAL RESOURCES AND RENEWABLE ENERGIES AS A STRATEGY TO SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (
  • Governing the oil sector to achieve sustainable development goals.
  • Investing in natural resources, renewable energies, and ways of diversification and use. Leading international models and patterns in the use of green renewable energy technologies), SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS:
  • Approaches about policies and strategies for emerging and developed countries in sustainable development).


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